London City Airport Expansion

Good news! It has just been announced that London’s City Airport will be given a £344 million expansion which will include more parking spots for aircraft, a bigger, improved passenger terminal and perhaps most importantly a new taxiway to avoid aircraft back-taxiing down the runway itself! It’s not been confirmed wether or not the runway will be lengthened but it is thought the airport will be able to handle 32,000 more flights per year.


This sounds exciting, but where are they going to fit all this? I don’t know much about LC, but I know the airport is surrounded by two canals. Are they going to fill in those canals and expand there’s because the canals seem to serve no purpose?


Think they’ll expand the land a little bit on the side of the terminal. Won’t need too much more width wise to put a parallel taxiway there.

Would imagine they will expand the TWY on the terminal side of the RWY to avoid any disruption to the canal and the traffic (see lines on the image to where I think it will go)


This new taxiway will be great. Often at LCY you wait 10-15 minutes just sitting at the hold short point waiting to back taxi.


But I love back taxiing.


The application didn’t include any proposal to extend the runway.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy. At least the reason I fly from EGLC is still alive.

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Still got to wait for it to be expanded anyway!

Really? I thought they were considering a runway expansion? Maybe not then…but nevertheless it’s still a good thing

That would make the most sense. Looks like they may also fill in a portion close to the terminal for the terminal expansion.

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Yeah, but still, it’s something to look forward to when flying from there in the future

New Taxiway
New Terminal
New Gates

This airport will add £750m to the UK economy annually :)

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Excellent, this opens up a lot of expansion opportunities for TATL flights as this expansion will dramatically increase the amount of C-Series compatible gates. $450 million USD is quite the bill for one taxiway, that’s for sure. Great job by the British government on continuing to fund further economical opportunities in the UK.

when will this finish and be ready?

Not for a number of years I should imagine. They’ve literally only just given the green light for it.

that is really good news!

Maybe it would be a good idea to have another runway built. With the increase in flights, the only (short) runway would cause it to be very clogged.