London City Airport Closed After WW2 Bomb Found In Thames

So I am on the tube, and I hear an announcement saying the the DLR and London City Airport are closed at police request. I looked it up and found this article as the reason why. To think that that has been there around 80 years right next to the airport and no-one has noticed, is quite strange. The good news though is that probably means that if it’s been 80 years with no problem, it probably won’t be a problem now. Let me know what you guys think on the matter.


ooh, scary

glad they closed the airport though, you can never be too careful with explosives 💣

about the bomb not being a problem, sure it’s not detonated after being there for 80-odd years, but it still could have a bit of explosive left, and that detonating could be a serious issue, potentially even resulting in loss of life.

as I said above, you can never be too careful with explosives and the like.

as the saying goes, always treat a gun as though it’s loaded!


Pretty scary stuff indeed. There are currently two airplanes inbound for LCY, I wonder what they’ll do.


Those aircraft will probably be diverted or something


It’s pretty scary, and surprising as this bomb is discovered 80 years after WWII. I’m quite surprised that no one in the area are aware with this explosive’s presence. But at least as the police are aware of this now, everything should be fine and we shouldn’t worry of an explosive in that area


Wow. Hopefully everyone can get to where they need to be soon. Kinda surprised that they are just now finding a 80 year old bomb.

It’s even worse for me I live near the bomb.

(Diverted to London Southend)

Oh Jeez, let’s hope nothing explodes.

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Just sounds like a big precaution. It’s been there for 80 years, it’s not like the bomb will go off on the 81st.


you never know, you never know 💣

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The only flight out of LCY currently after they found the bomb.

Ooh cry about it

Just kidding. This is interesting. Hope the passengers can find a flight out of LHR or something.

Actually usually unexploded ordanences are a result of a bad fuse but they still are containing their explosive elements which is the reason for the caution

Finding unexploded ordinance in Hong Kong is the most fun with all the skyscrapers surrounding every building site. They had to send a couple thousand office workers home after they dug up an old bomb in a subway station site.

That’s crazy. Is the bomb going to ever be removed?

About a year ago they found a German WWII bomb under a Volkswagen production facility, and there was no problems as the bomb wasn’t live. Since this is an airport in a city, they should exercise caution but don’t worry too much about anyone getting hurt

Wonder if they used to make bombs at that factory during WW2 🤔

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