London City airport approach

In the last days on both servers London City airport was covered by ATC, so I made some approaches into there.

Looking at other aircrafts doing the same, they all seem to make normal 3° approaches.

Therefore they doesn’t follow the ILS glideslope, 'cause at EGLC it’s 5.5°!

The HUD on the Embraers during the approach should look like this:

Am I the only one who does it in the right way or are there other skilled pilots out there?


I suspect very few others are doing the steep approach so it might just be you doing it.

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It’s nothing to do with your nose angle. EGLC GlideslopeGlideslope 5° means you need bigger descent rate to stay on Glideslope and land safely. For ex. EGLL 3° Glideslope the descent rate is 318ft per nautical mile on the chart. (Yeh of course it depends on speed) so for 5° angle your descent rate is gonna be much higher. LSZA approach is 6° doesn’t mean you gotta keep your nose up at 6°

What you doing is right way. Double the descent rate.

I flew the sr22 around EGLC a few weeks ago in solo with low vis to practice ILS, but that happend to me aswell, could be to do with noise reduction, the airport is in central london.

It’s to do with steep approach path and short runway. On 1 end you got canary wharf with high building. Nothing to do with noise. Compare to Heathrow, City airport surrounded by office blocks,industrial and river. It’s based around 8 mile from central London. It’s in edge of outer London

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Something you may want to see…


I tried some landings at EGLC, and in the repetition of the video I seem to be doing a 3° glide slope. Also which altitude is a good one to get on the glide slope for EGLC? I tried 3000ft but end up being too high.

I’ve seen some planes on Flightradar24 intercepting the localizer at 1.800 ft.

Wow, I thought it was 5500 feet

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I always try to make it realistic.