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I noted that IFATC perhaps don’t get as much credit as they deserve on here. Just wanted to thank and praise London Center (that’d be Royal Jordanian). Thought they did a great job considering the almost ridiculous amount of traffic transitioning over the airspace. Must’ve been hell on earth to try and cope with, so fair play lad.


Must say, congrats @RoyalJordanian. Was purely watching your frequency as I was inbound to Gatwick for a few minutes and all I could see was ‘requesting descent via STARS’ continuously almost every second. You got me safe, and all the others to the ground. Happy controlling! 💪


Yeah, IFATC are 🤯ing good at doing that

(See what I did there)


Exactly man haha. I was just transitioning between Scottish and Irish airspace and had a non-stop stream of messages throughout the entirety of my time tuned.

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I guess you’re Famous now 😅.
Good job! Hope you had fun! 🙂
@ RoyalJordanian ( I don’t want to tag him :)


Totally agree. IFATC are people too, and I usually try to respond to all the nice things like “thank you” or “thank you, good day” or say “I’m sorry” if I messed up even a tiny bit.


Yeah definitely good joob @ RoyalJordanian!! He made me 360 because i was to high for my STAR (my bad 😂)!

I need more Center controllers in ES, i need those guys everywhere!
(maybe IF need to recruit more controller for center in the future? just thinking)

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Definitely! Chapeau bas RoyalJordanian

I send you and all IFATC virtual cookies to your virtual headquarters 🍪🤙

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Thanks all for this great and kind words, I truly appreciate it.
Pleasure to give you the service
Just to give a glance of how it looks like to control center, thats in duration of only 5 seconds ( while taking the screenshot )

So it was very intense yeah haha :)


Both amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Makes FNF approach look like child’s play.


I feel bad for requesting a frequency change two times lol


I feel bad for Checking In 😂


I think I see me over Bexhill. A town on the South East coast. I’m the one to the left.


So stressful lol! how many of those messages are really necessary compared to the unnecessary ones? in percentage? just curious

those few times that I flew with the center I heard a lot of multiple or unnecessary messages, but maybe it was my impression

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Well… you get some of each necessary and unnecessary, however with experience, especially with controlling approach and now center, you will get used to that amount of requests
That it won’t overwhelm you or distract you.

One thing i would like to add is, many people check in ( which is definitely the correct procedure here ) then after checking in they request flight following, which its very unnecessary.
Don’t ask for flight following after the check in :)


My man!! This is a lot lol.

Great Job J!

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😱😱😱 thats crazyyyy busy

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While more controllers for center and radar frequencies are nice, there’s a long process to getting there.

Controllers permitted to open center and approach/departure frequencies much be ATC officers or higher. To become one, controllers must wait 60 days since being promoted to specialist to start training, but that only happens with approval from the supervisors. If the higher ups decided to loosen the restrictions, there’s a risk of some controllers being sub-par with all the traffic they’d get.


what am I looking at?

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