London Center vectoring me out of my FPL into Traffic

I’ve been circling around LHR for more than an hour now… I approached from the south and I was supposed to land on 27L but London Center vectored me to the north even though there was just 2 or 3 aircrafts on left downwind 27L. Later I was switched to London Approach so I was mixed with aircrafts coming from the north and got vectored for 27R and now I’ve been circling around for more than an hour…

My issue is not that I still haven’t landed. My issue is why the hell was I vectored up north into traffic even though there wasn’t any traffic for 27L…

I need explaination Please.

When approaching busy airports, expect ATC to vector you out of your FPL to sequence traffic

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Hey there!

I’m currently at LHR and I think the reason why is LHR busy for arrivals and center wants to make it easy for the approach controller. But don’t worry. You’re almost at LHR

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It’s best to pm the controller. You can find the Center/Approach controllers by clicking the airports and selecting ATC. You can shoot them a PM asking! If you still have trouble finding them, head to and use the directory link to go directly to their account! Cheers! (London is very busy, expect delays and plan accordingly!)

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Yes I completely understand this, and ATC did the opposite, he vectored me into traffic north of LHR

The issue is not with the Approach, Approach does his job to make you establish the localizer.
LHR center is the issue. I was in the south and I was suppose to land on 27L but Center vectored me North of the airport this is the issue

What STAR did you have?

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Like @ZachN said. You can PM these controller


Yeah I understand your pain. I once spent 2 hours being vectored around Seoul trying to land. In the end I gave up and diverted.

Tip: When flying to busy airports, load in more fuel than you need, because your arrival may be delayed due to traffic

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So from the log. It appears you were vectored off of your flight plan once you reached the UK coast.

When you say “supposed to land 27L”, were you given expect IlS/GPS/RV runway 27L? Or was that in your fp? Approach will give you vectors to the runway they clear you to.

LHR sounds very busy today… expect delays. If needed, message the controlller on IFC

I think the point of @IF-EGYPT_YT is that the ATC made his flight path longer than it could be. The best thing you can do is to contact the controller and ask him. Also you can tell him what you would change in his position.

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Remember we are humans, not professionals. Before topics get created, IFATC didn’t earn a degree in air traffic control so mistakes do happen. Shoot them a PM and don’t be angry. Happy holidays!


Let’s stop going around in circles. He has the controllers @, and he can PM him.
Thanks guys.


Please contact the controller directly by PM