London Calling | Munich/London, June 14, 2019

Welcome back everyone!

As you might have read on the community already, Infinite Flight held an official meetup at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL) which had an amazing turnout. Like many others from this Community, I traveled to London to meet the team and the other people attending. Of course, as you might have expected, I used this occasion for a crazy weekend full of planespotting that actually cost me an extensive amount of this week as well since picking and editing the best out of 1100 pictures I took was some rather hard work as well.
Today I’ll start a small series showing you the best images from my trip, starting back home at Munich Airport.

Once I arrived at the airport on Friday morning, I naturally went straight to the Departure Gate Runway for some spotting. The complete aviation nerd I am, my first task of the day was to spot my own plane on its arrival.
The first plane of this topic nevertheless is an A320 operated by Aer Lingus inbound from Dublin. At this point, I’ve never seen a newly-painted Aer Lingus plane hint hint but I nevertheless took an image of the old livery since it might soon be a very rare sight.

Shortly after that, my plane arrived from London. BA CityFlyers E190. Instead of the “normal” A320 flight to Heathrow (where my hotel was located after all), I chose the flight to London City Airport which gave me some nice approach and departure experiences along with amazing legroom (kinda important for the 195cm tall guy I am) and a surprisingly pleasant inflight catering. I’m currently processing the videos I took on the flights and plan to upload them to YouTube soon (I’ll keep you updated).
Since Munich’s Terminal 1 offers some amazingly short ways from door to plane, spotting wasn’t a problem - In the end it took me 5 minutes to reach my gate from the spot I used for the pics - passport control and security check included.

After arrival I got myself a local guide who showed me around the airport. Since the rules say you shouldn’t tag developers on here I can’t mention who it was though (Or would that be ok with you, @Cameron?). He showed me the vicinity of the airport along with a few nice spots to watch the planes. “Thanks” to the very British weather it was actually possible to take pics from more angles than I expected.
The first plane to depart in front of us was as tiny as the airport - one of the business jets operating at the airport.

Not very large either but already kinda big for London City was the subsequent departure to Luxemburg. Luxair’s Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.

Maybe a bit of dull light but in contrast to the spots at LHR with a nice backdrop. The smaller of the Embraers operating at LCY for British Airways landing on runway 27 - the E170.

Along with the Airbus A318 and the Bombardier CSeries/A220, the Embraer 190 KLM operates is one of the biggest planes London City Airport can handle.

London City is famous for its location in the Docklands that requires pilots to perform steep approaches and departures. After we changed our location, I was able to capture how steep the climbs out of the airport are, for ecample with this departing E190 operated by BA CityFlyer.

The spot at the Royal Albert Dock offers a great view of the apron. Usually, with the sun out, it’s only usable in the evening due to the location of the sun. With many clouds around, it was possible to take some nice ramp shots such as of this TAP Express E190.

These were actually all pics I took on the day of my arrival. I however returned to the airport for some more quick shots on Sunday evening for my flight back. That day, the weather was a bit better than on Friday which not only allowed for a awesome afternoon with great friends in Central London but also for some more nice pics with decent lighting such as this approaching FlyBe Dash 8 battling the winds on short final.

Still fighting the crosswinds but probably a smoother ride since on a jet - LOT’s E190 arriving from Poland.

Thanks for visiting this topic! Stay tuned for the next topics from the London meetup weekend. Due to the sheer amount of images it might also be worth following me on my social media channels where I’ll post more images from this weekend as well as from other spotting sessions:


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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes


Wow! Those are some amazing shots! I wish I could have been there…

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How’s your trash bin? 😉

Great photos as always! :)


Congratulations Moritz! You made good on your promise to deliver these great photos to us! 😍 Can’t wait to see more! 👍

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Hey Moritz,

I hope you had a nice day! Thanks for spotting the Aer Lingus A320 and the LOT E-190! 👏

Looking forward for the next spotting topics and keep it up!

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Oh, the trash bin is fine, apparently deleting images in Adobe Bridge just sends them into eternal darkness instantly without a detour via my trash bin 🤷🏼‍♂️

Thanks to all btw :) if you like these rather boring pics you’ll enjoy the heathrow topics for sure (the Friday evening one should be amazing 👀)

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Awesome photos!
Great Job! 😃🙂😄👍🏻😎

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