London Bridge Flight 9822

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II, I came up with a creative way to do a British Airways flight.

Flight Information

Departing from: Washington Dulles
Arriving into: London Heathrow
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Server: Training
Gates: Any Available
Spawn: 11:00PM CEST
Estimated Flight Time: 6 hours 57 Minutes
Additional Information: Don’t use Virgin Atlantic, Only British Airways.
Call sign: SpeedBird 9822

Status: Arrived


Long story

There isn’t a group flights category anymore

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Flight is staring now!

If only it was like 6 hours later my time I would love to join but I will land at 3:30 am my time

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What’s ur time zone?

U.S.A Est Time Zone, plz don’t move it because I won’t be able to make it anyway

Oh that’s tough. I have to start the flight now.

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I’m so sorry I am not telling well so I need to rest

It’s ok, maybe next time.

Hey, I really think this would be better suited in the group flights category in discord. I’m not quite sure that they like the events category for for short notice things like this.

Well some of us do not have discord so it’s fine maybe put it under #live catagiry next time

So what is the plan?

A death is by nature often sudden 😂

True, I’d just hate for it to be shut down by a mod as it looks like an awesome flight ;) Have a good one!

Mods seems to be tolerating the thread so far

oh i see, its been a while since ive been on the ifc dw about that

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