London ATC

Can someone help me with a report regarding London ATC, if I can get someone to private message me to talk to further not happy at all.

Hi, u can send him message if you have username of ATC. But why do you want

You can send the controller a message here or on discord, you can find their username on the replay under states. They will help you understand the situation

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I’ve vented and will speak to the controllers when they come of ATC

If you received a violation, perhaps more effective discussion would come out of messaging @appeals.

Grilling the controller isn’t going to help make your case. You’re flying at a time when the server is at max capacity and everyone is flying to the same destinations oddly enough. It’s a game, if you’re not happy then divert and call it a day. They can only do so much on days like this!


Please message the controller via PM or you can message Tyler for any feedback you may have regarding a controller. Thanks!

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