London airport in 1955

Ah the art of youtube recommendations. I stumbled upon this video showing off london airport, now London Heathrow, in the 1950’s. It truly goes to show how much has changed since then in technology and how the demand for air travel has changed as well. You can see when watching the video how quiet the airport looks with barely any people around compared to how it is like now. You can also point that most people are well dressed with suits suggesting they were pretty rich, especially when they are flying at a time when commercial flights was just becoming a thing.

An airport which once started off like this -


And eventually evolving into this -



Ah yes, the airport then known as LONDON AIRPORT
It doesn’t sound nice…

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Well, now there is 5 london airports with only 2 actually being in London.
Don’t really know which is the true “London airport”.


Well, it is actually big daddy Heathrow. Imagine being a taxi to take someone to London Airport.
They expect Gatwick, you take them to Southend. There’s 6 btw


Yh I guess so. But still pretty weird how Gatwick, Stansted and Luton are named “London airports” when they’re miles away. Gatwick being the closest but still not in London.

There were plans for a London Ashford.
It’s closer to France, 20 miles from Ashford itself, London being nearly 60 miles away.

If only they knew what would happen in the future…

Thanks for the cool video Hamza, really nice stuff.


If it renamed itself as just Gatwick, it’ll likely lose a majority of its passengers as it wouldn’t get advertised as “London”. What else will they advertise? The awful beaches of Brighton? The grit of Horley? The filth of awful whiny british holidaymakers?

Ah yes Lydd airport. Only reason many consider it as London ashford is because the people who operate it go under the name “London ashford airport LTD” for some odd reason.

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I remember watching a TV show called “Britain’s Busiest Airport” and it featured London Heathrow.

Queen Elizabeth came to dedicate the opening of the renovated terminal 2. It said she did the same thing 50 years ago.

For many of us, 50 years is a long time, but the innovation in technology in that short amount of time is insane.

Hands to those who helped.

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I’ve flown through Heathrow over half a dozen times and it never ceases to amaze me! It makes you think what small airports will be huge in 50 or 100 years

The ‘London Airport’ affectionately nick-named ‘Lagos North’ by those who fly in and out of it! :D

(No offence to any Nigerians on here, Lagos is a good night out!)

Great shots I really liked it…

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