London Air Ambulance (My Work)

Thank you so much for the kind words. This job is hard and to be honest you want to give up sometimes but what makes it worth it is when you know that the service you provide saved that persons life


Good to hear. Try not to watch unrealistic as they overdramatize areas. In the uk 999 what is your emergency and also the BBCs Ambulance

Which ones do you suggest?

Trying not to go to off topic but here they are please PM as i have some more. I prefer ambulance more realstic and i am featured one time

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If anyone is interested please watch these videos of the helicopters

Sorry to keep commenting

I’m so sorry to hear this. May she rest in peace. Thank you for your service. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at James Cook University Singapore (JCUS) and hope to be a licensed and practising psychologist in the near future 🤓


@OC212… MaxSez: Your Topic was refreshing and just a reminder too all of us who fly/flew that Emergency Service Air is a Special and rewarding calling.
As a SAR coordinator/AFAC back in the day, “Dust Off”, the “Jollies” MedEvac and the Spad are called to mind. Thank you and yours for your service and special place in our world. Semper Fi Doc, God Speed, Respectfully, , Max

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You guys do an amazing job! Very hard work!

Appreciate everything you do guys, keep it up!

Fully have respect for emergency services!

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Thank you for you kind words! I am at work at present so later on i will message you :)

This is one of the very jobs I will never do. HEMs. To those who do it God speed but for me no thanks lol


I drew something like this a long time ago, here’s the original image and my drawing:


Looks good you spotted heli 2 - London is its nickname. Nice picture needs some of that bright red colour!

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Thank you very much! When I drew it, I didn’t have any color pencils. I still don’t have any lol. I’m going to go to the store one of these days and get some so I can make it that iconic red color!

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Sorry to hear for your loss.

Thanks for all the services. It is a difficult job but you are there to help when needed. We, the whole IF community, are always here to help.


This is facts, all my friends my friends think that it is some sort of awesome thing, but to be honest as much as I’m ready to do it, I kinda go to work every day a little afraid of the fact that I may have to do that. Mad respect for you guys, a service like this here was critical to one of my uncles surviving a major heart attack I believe it was, so thanks for all the great work you guys do!


Hello! Maybe you wrote and I didn’t see it, but what is your medical specialty? Surgery\anesthesiology\ER medicine?

Thanks for the kind words. As i said the movies portray as some great and dramatic act infact it is hard to watch and upsetting. Glad to hear that you uncle survived in a heart attack time is critical and services like HEMS are crucial to survival. 30 years ago your uncles chances would be low now survival from heart attacks are more promising to say it politely.

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I took my specialty in Emergency Medicine but i trained in surgical procedures like reboas etc

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Ya, he was flown to a higher hospital in downtown Pittsburgh by one of the two helicopter services we have here, he had to have some sort of double bypass it may have been called (sorry, I’m not a doctor) that they couldn’t perform at the smaller hospital he was at, but luckily he ended up fine.

As for the CPR, is it common in the helicopter? I know it’s been done once or twice recently where I work, and no one who was involved has told pleasant stories about it, the training didn’t make it sound good either, luckily we didn’t have any this season…

Hi again,
Firstly the most common thing for a heart attack is a bypass where they take a vein from the leg most commonly as cut out the clogged blood vessel and literally bypass the blood flow.

Too your question we do not do cpr in the Helicopter we will try to restart the heart using as defib and if unsuccessful after a set amount of time we call it as such.So the patient sadly was unable to be resuscitated.