London Air Ambulance (My Work)

I am going to be talking about my workspace and where i work.

I am sure many of you know that i work as a Consultant (Senior Doctor) for London Air Ambulances Advanced Trauma Team. And if you are in NSV (Nonstop VA) i am sure you have heard me drone on about my job😂


A image of the helicopter from Google

So what do i/we actually do? Well we provide live saving treatments for critically ill patients across London. Some examples of what we respond to are stabbings,serious RTIs (Car Crashes in normal people terms),heart attacks,terror attacks,other serious conditions. In the day time we use 2 Specialist Helicopters, despite these aircraft being able to fly in the dark owe choose not to due to the crowdeness of London as a whole - hard to find a good parking spot in the day let alone the night. This also happens when weather conditions are poor.


Image of the Very Reliable Skoda Car

Below i am going to as some FAQs (Frequently asked questions) when i get quizzed by the public.

So what do i actually do?

Well i am a high level doctor (Consultant) and i assist junior doctors and will accompany them if they have a very complex case. I am COW (Consultant of the Week) this week so i am responsible for leading the team and providing my opinion and skills to save lives,
Credits to the LAA site

You may ask who is in the Helicopter?

A typical team consists of a Critical Care Paramedic, A Doctor/ Consultant, A Pilot, Another Pilot/Navigator,

Is CPR like on the TV?

Nope! In reality CPR is not nice at all. Most of the time ribs break in the process.

How old are you?

I am 29.

How long does it take to train to be a doctor?

It takes 5 years in the UK at medical school. 3 years Theory and 2 years practical to reach your first foundation year.

Are you married?

Yes i am married. My partner who was a doctor was sadly killed in a stabbing on duty 3 to 4 months ago. It is hard but i still technically ‘Married’

How Fast does the helicopter go?

Depends up to 150-170 mph go check out the site here!

Where do you work when not flying?

The Aircraft are stored at a RAF Base overnight. We are based at the Royal London Hospital were we use the helipad to land and takeoff in the day
This is what the Royal London looks like:


That’s it! Any questions please reply below :) And just feel free to say anything!

Highly recommend this video

Some more videos
All from the official YouTube

A hats off to all those pilots, Doctors working on a day to day basis to try and save fellow humans life at the earliest also a thanks to you for sharing such informations about your day to day work


That is fine we really do work hard to get this service for free on the NHS. (I know you pay taxes towards) We really do rely on donations as the doctors and medical staff are only funded by the NHS. Before we had to use virgin as a sponsor


You do a great job everyday ensuring everyone is safe.

For some reason that helicopter reminds me of a toy 😂


This made me sad! You’re doing a good work mate I wish you good luck and safety!


Thanks Addy! Pleasure to be working with you at NSV. NonStop has been a big part of getting over her death


Thanks and yeah alot of people say it looks like a toy😂🤦‍♂️ - most likely due to the colour scheme

Thanks for sharing this. This is really cool. And im also really sorry for your loss, thats terrible. God bless and i hope you stay safe!

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Np! And thanks for the kind words

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no prob :)

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Respect for ur work. Thanks for sharing.

Stay safe!

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This is quite interesting for me!

I base myself at Lydd Ashford, as student pilot, where we have an air ambulance building on the grounds, and perform regular activities over my home town! I also am starting an apprenticeship working as an aircraft mechanic on the 15th October!

This is EGMD by the way :/

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Nice! What is your local air ambulance?

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Bristow Helicopters using Augusta Westlands AW139’s.


The credit is there ^

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Thank you, sir.

I’m sure I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that you are such a credit to the world. These people are the backbone of humanity, and we should all praise them for there work!

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Nice helicopter! I watch programs about stuff like this.

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Very interesting! Even though I’ve heard a lot of it in NSV 😂 love working with you mate

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Thanks TJ! I think if you check the sheet you have alot of work. What is the new NSV moto? Work,work and work lol

I am so sorry for your loss.


Thanks hope to see you soon