London 53 minute flight

Today I did a flight from Heathrow to Bournemouth and from there to Birmingham…All I can remember is that I saw @natzoo landing while I was holding short on Heathrow, @Tecnam2TA and @anon66442947 controlled me at some point and @Hamza787 was about to control me as tower and ground at Birmingham but he logged offf,but @Mr.Jatt started controlling and I landed…I was using APPR even though now I know how to land at approx 10 knot headwind, The winds were 15-25 knots…I will post the pictures tomorrow as I will not have access to my iPad today…

PS, I was the Gulf Air A321


Flying High: @anon66442947

Sorry I logged off, I would have stayed but there was an issue I had to resolve. I hope to control you next time 🙂

No problem :)

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Editing now

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What was your callsign? I want to know if I remember you; I was very busy as EGLL ground & tower:)

CAN006 fill…I was the last plane before you logged off…I took off to Birmingham after you logged off…

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Nevermind there was a Emirates who landed after me…

Something I need to resolve here ? Answer a question about ?

We are not fighting :)

Oh I remember you! That’s when it was starting to slow down before I logged off as you said:) Nice to meet you here!

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I think he’s complimenting

That’s cool. Just making sure because I remember your call sign and don’t remember any problems


One question tho…if you are at 200 degrees and ATC says to turn right heading 200, I make a right 360?

I was tower so I didn’t say that. I have no clue. Whoever was on approach would know.


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No, that’s just ATC wanting you to hold that heading.


I was that lufthansa holding short of rwy 15 👍🇧🇪

Remember you now