Lombok Earthquake 5 August 2018

A 7.0 SR earthquake has struck Lombok at 18:46:18 UTC+8. hits 7.0 on Richer scale and 15 Km in depth. There is a “potential” for a tsunami following the earthquake, Lombok international airport come to a delay for a few moment. Now, Airport traffic has continued normally as some planes has been observed to Depart from the airport

Let’s hope everything gets better over at Lombok

Update: Small tsunami has been observed over at Carik at 13.5cm and Badas at 10cm
Update: Ngurah Rai (WADD, DPS) Airport ceiling got minor damage. “Yes, there are minor damage at the ceiling because of the tremor” said AP I Ngurah Rai Airport Head of Public Relations AP I Arie Ahsanurrohim
Update: Tsunami Warning has been lifted


Yeah just heard the warning on the Japanese Wadning system

It wasn’t long ago Ōsaka was hit by a earthquake either, luckily it didn’t have any major effect on Air travel, although a few airlines gave out travel alerts to passengers bound for Ōsaka 😬


Im indonesian, i watched the news and the earthquake is hitting lombok pretty bad… i really wish the runway there did not got damaged… too bad the goverment only thinks about the asian games and not about the the people of lombok and garuda…

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I really miss this island, visited last time in 2015
I live next to the island but far enough.
Especially my brother who lived on the island of Lombok had said the Tsunami alarm sounded.

I had time to see the news on TV, some passengers who will leave has been evacuated on airport apron

Even though an airport was involved, the RWA category is not meant to be a general news stream.

Our thoughts are with all those impacted.