LoL_SmAsH’s ATC Tracking Thread [Closed @ KDAL]

I was supposed to take the practical with Josh today but he hasn’t showed up yet…So while I wait I’m opening up one of these…

Airport: RKSS
Pattern Work Allowed
Runways: Takeoff 32L and 32R
Landing 32L and 32R.
Server: Training

Feedback welcome.

Coming for patterns

That on guard to Singapore 22 was a mistake. (Wasn’t in my airspace)

Good luck with your practical. You might want to take the opportunity to practice a little more.

I was N561JV in the TBM.

  1. When I asked for clearance to take off 32L you should have told me to back taxi. The taxiway I was on was was the only one i could use and it was in the middle of the runway.
  2. You cleared me to take off and enter left traffic. You then cleared me to land correctly. (good). You then said “stand by” and re-sent the same pattern and cleared me to land the same runway unnecessarily (bad).
  3. You then switched my runway for no reason to 32R. Were you just trying to mix things up a bit? You then gave me a pattern and a sequence for 32R (good)
  4. I asked for a transition and you granted the transition for “at or above 4000 ft”. For an airport at 58ft above sea level, 2500ft would have been more appropriate (jet pattern altitude ~1500 ft and 1000 ft for separation).
  5. When I asked to land 32L you cleared me but never gave me a pattern to enter. For example, you should have first called “enter left downwind 32L” then “cleared to land, #2 behind the traffic on right downwind”
  6. When I slowed down on 32R below 60kts you did not give me an “exit runway” command. If you realized you missed that, when I was off the runway you should have issued a “contact ground” command.

Good luck.

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  1. Thank you for that. I’ll make sure to remember that.

  2. Yeah that was a mistake on my part.

  3. Yes I was practicing runway changes. Pretty sure I did them correctly.

  4. Thank you, I was wondering about that.

  5. I realized that after I gave you clearance.

  6. Should’ve known that. I’m sorry.

Thanks for the feedback. Thank you! Since I’m probably not gonna have time to take the practical today now, might as well take some time to review and practice. :) Cheers!

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Open @ KDAL

Love Field

31L and 31R for takeoff

Pattern Work allowed

Training Server

Update: Have to leave for the moment…BBL.

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