Logs out when I close the app

Okay, so every time I use the Discourse app to open IF Community, I need to log in. This happens every time I open Discourse.


I agree, this just started today, it does get quite annoying


Oh. Ok. I agree


Happened to me also. Must have been a Discourse update.

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I might go check

More like Discourse bug

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I would suggest ditching the discourse app for the time being, it seems very buggy with the new IOS.

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Probably related to this, I have to keep logging back in also on safari

This also applies to the Discourse app.
You have to re-add the Community using the correct address.


Does this have to do with community.infiniteflight.com changing to community.infiniteflight.com?
Today I had to re-login on all of my devices for IFC.

[edit: darn it, you guys barely beat me]

Oh okay, it’s just a domain change

A mod can close this now