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I was just wondering what software or people do they use to make their logos. I was wondering if someone could make one for the new FedEx Virtual.



You would have to search around. Just take the FedEx logo, and add the world Virtual to it. You can use photoshop.

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Just get a logomaker app. Be careful with using FedEx’ real life logo.


Any suggestions for one?

Can I get it in the AppStore?

I believe it does cost a few dollars. I don’t know if they offer a free version.

You can do for free.

Hi there there’s already a FedEx Va. I’m sure @NEO can explain

@NEO is in the loop about this

It’s Photoshop Express I believe which doesn’t offer the option to add text as far as I know

I just use an iPad for creating a logo. I use Notability to add fonts and text to a logo. Then I use Black Eraser to get rid of the white background.

Here is my creation:


Looks good! I’ll have a look at the app.

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depends on which characteristics you value.

Thank you! Notability is supposed to be used for notes by the way. So if you are also looking for a good note-taking app Notability is a great choice.


Looks good and professional

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Well good to know. Then you should know all information by now but I had a logo made for us can’t remember who it was though

@Liftoff and @StarTraveler are good at logos.


I just make mine on word Microsoft by removing picture backgrounds or adding affects/ filters

I use Snapseed, but I think I told you that before.


@PlaneCrazy I don’t use it for IF however if you have some money available, you can pay someone to do it with experience on ‘Fiverr’ it’s very efficient and stress free! I can’t recommend an editing software as I’ve never used one! For Fiverr, it is around $10 on average

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