Logo feedback

(Small print… This is a log feedback was posted separately from the current one by suggestion. The following images are in no way affiliated with the VA or using this as an advertisement. @KindaAngrySliceOfPie read the comments on logos )

Hey, guys, can you take a look at the logos I have here also if there’s a better program for them leave a link I have two currently

Tell me which you like more and what should I change.


In my opinion I like the second one better but both of them look really nice great job

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For sure the first one but I don’t like the font, unless it is a freight airline.

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I have you on that there @trio we use them for posts now but I might chage that

Yeah I also like the second one better. The first reminds me of the flag of the Nazis which is not good.

Wha?!? Nazi flag? I don’t see what your seeing.

I dont see how that goes together?! but color seems to be the issue

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Yeah thats the only problem. Unfortunately. It would be really nice otherwise. Thats the flag: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2c/War_Ensign_of_Germany_(1933-1935).svg/2000px-War_Ensign_of_Germany_(1933-1935).svg.png

I like 1. More, it’s better for tail logos.

Is it possible you could give me a higher quality version? (PM) thanks.

The second looks too plain and the first one, everyone uses the two arrows pointing up. How about this:

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Definitely the first one, because you can then use the arrow bit for social media logos, watermarks, and it’s just generally more useful to have some form of graphic in your logo.

And I also think it looks better.

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I prefer the 2nd one, it looks cleaner and more modern :)


I agree.

The first one looks good, but it also has an 80s style.

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The first one tbh. Because it’s got more than Just text

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The little thing to the left on the first is fine, but the font is bad.


Thanks for the feed back I made this based on some of it image


I liked the second one it looks like a modern regional airline.

you made it?

Give credit where it’s due ;)

both are great but the second looks more sleek, modern, and simplistic

Definitely the first one although, it would look better in a thinner font in my opinion.

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