Logo Creation

Hi! Does anyone on here have any suggestions for someone they know or a program/site that is good for making a logo for your VA?
Thanks, Jake.


I personally use Pixlr for creating my logos. (It is free)

It’s a bit like photoshop, so you might need to look on YouTube for some tutorials.


I would use Canva here is a link.

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I use BrandCrowd and I copy and paste it in Illustrator and I make some little changes due to copyright :)

I use Adobe to create some logos. Recommended Application.

A big one people are leaving out is Adobe Photoshop, I use it often and it has never let me down,


Photoshop is nice, however it costs money.

Adobe Photoshop is free for me. I have no idea what are you talking about.

I personally use InstaLogo. You can use that on iPhone and iPad and any android device

Are you sure? When I go to the adobe website it says it costs money. A subscription.

Did you check this Application in the AppStore?

No. I was looking at the PC version. I’ll check the appstore.

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There are some great suggestions in this topic as well, VA Logos


Weebly.com has the best ideas for you

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