Logitech yoke

I realized I have a Logitech yoke but it is connected to laptop by usb input. How can I connect it to I pad.

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Use th app LiveFlight connect

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You need to use an application called LiveFlight Connect - in order to use it with IF.

Try this out buddy!

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But the problem is how can I connect it to the iPad it is a usb output how can I connected to the I pad.

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Its should just connect through wifi - if you have liveflight connect enabled in the Infinite Flight General settings

This might help!

If you download liveflight (it should be an exe file), install it and run it. It connects entirely wirelessly to your iPad provided they are on the same network and you have liveflight connect enabled in the general settings for Infinite Flight. Then all you have to do is go into controls on Infinite Flight and assign axis/ buttons on your joystick 🙂

If you want to connect directly use this:

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Super recommend! Very stable connection 👍😉

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