Logitech yoke

I’ve a question about the logitech yoke!

I’ve been playing IF with my yoke stetup for a year now and I’m loving it 👍eveything seems to be working fine but there is one set back which is a bit annoying and I cant figure out if there is a way of fixing this!

Whenever I am in cockpit view and I turn the yoke to the left or right the camera also moves. It’s pretty hard to land when the camera keeps moving.

I see nothing in the commands section to resolve this,

Any solutions or tips I could try would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance 👍😎


Maybe if you go to this screen you can unbind everything entirely ? Or have you tried that


I haven’t unbind everything. I will try 1st and see what happens. I ment to say it was in virtual cockpit rather than cockpit view.

Thanks for the reply


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How do you use the Logitech yoke? Do you use a throttle and rudder pedals too?


I use the throttle but no rudder peddle. I’m running IF through Samsung dex onto a Samsung monitor with no problems.

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Hey Alphadog

Probably should of updated this post regarding your solution last month but yeah, I did unbind everything in the commands section and the camera movement still occurs while I steer the logitech yoke to left or right 😔

And other ideas would be greatly appreciated

Cheers bud 👍

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I have the same thing! Only option is to go to controls and reset it :-)!

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Will do pal 👍

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