Logitech Throttle Quadrant Settings | Urgent, plez help |

Can someone please PM me a video or steps on how to change the throttle hand bindings on IF? For example: I want the blue hand to be for the landing gear only, red hand for flaps, and the regular black hand for my throttle, how do I do that?

Uhh, now I should preface this by saying that I have no experience with this, but the throttle should be doable, but I’m not sure the others are possible. Again, I’ve never done this, but I’d be willing to bet infinite flight would be looking for a switch, on or off for gear, and same idea just with multiple positions, or multiple buttons for flaps, but the blue and red (feather and mixture I assume they are, otherwise I could be picturing this wrong) are likely gradients so you can have different amounts of mixture or feather, so I’m not sure you actually can assign them to gear and flaps, sorry to say it…

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