Logitech sensitivity Values

Hi guys is there anyone that uses the Logitech extreme 3d pro that has some really good settings for it? Im struggling to find values that are controllable (low enough) but still enough elevator authority during the flare and enough rudder authority for a side slip during a crosswind landing. If you have success with this joystick during all stages of flight and in particular the ones mentioned, then please is it possible to get a list of your settings for roll, pitch, yaw etc

I set my sensitivity for that joystick nearly the lowest. I found it very sensitive when I got it.

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Hey! I have months of using a different joystick (thrustmaster Hotas x). I had pitch sensitivity at a max of 30 and minimum of -30, and 32 and -32 for roll. It did take me a couple of weeks to fully get used to it. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for those athoughts guys. Mine was set similar about 35% roll, 47%pitch and yaw but was still struggling in a 172 to get enough elevator authority during flare

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