Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Yoke connection issue

I am having an issue with my recently bought ´logitech saitek pro flight yoke´

I can assign axes very good but I am having problems assigning buttons. When I tap on the command it sets to button 9 and I cannot assign a different button. when I go to another button then that one sets to 9, and the other one sets to nothing again

If anyone has experience with this issue or with this yoke, help would be very much appriciated.
I use my Windows laptop to connect via livefightconnect to my Android (Huawei) phone.

I´ve had a joystick before and in the beginning I had the same issue but oneday it started working, but i don´t know anymore how I did that.

Here´s a video of me assigning buttons/axis.
Thanks in advance!

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Hey! I’ve had this issue before, I couldn’t really find a solution unfortunately. I just pressed buttons on my device as usual.

I don’t believe that you have to use liveflightconnect in this situation. Since you have an Android device you should be able just to insert a USB wire from your device to your Yoke.


Oh that’s not good. Now cannot charge my phone while flying the yoke. Thanks for your comment though

I believe you can get one with 2 ports one for charging and one for your joystick! Just have to search around!

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I’ll have a look around. Thanks for the suggestion!

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