Logitech Pro Flight Yoke

Hey not sure whether this is support or third party, but does my yoke work with infinite flight, i know most joysticks do but this is a yoke, anyone know?


I’m afraid I don’t know but that looks really cool!

oh thanks, i use it with fsx 😂

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I use it with Xplane 11 and it works well… I have no idea if he can works with infinite flight

Yes it works. I use the same for infinite flight 👍

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how do you set it up, it doesn’t work for me?

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No problem, nice😂

Hi @DaniBen010

I use the Samsung DeX with my galaxy phone & I just plug it in to the DeX & also my monitor, everything works great.


i have a iphone so the only way i can get my screen onto my pc is by screen mirroring and that’s really laggy, know another way??

I have the same yoke, and yup it works. Just use LiveFlight Connect on your computer

As for your iPhone to your PC monitor, the only other way I can think of is using a lightning to HDMI adapter (Apple makes official ones). However, I believe there is 1-2 seconds of input delay with it, so it’s probably not ideal.

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i’m fine with a delay as long as it isn’t laggy as i want to use it to stream

Then I would try out one of these

Plug it into your phone, plug the HDMI into the monitor. Not sure how it will look, though. The screen orientation of IF might make it sideways or have a lot of blank space around the iPhone screen. There’s 3rd party ones and official ones, of course the Apple ones are more expensive, but it’s probably worth a shot to try it

yeah, i will look into it, is that what you use?

I don’t put IF on my monitor since I have a big iPad, but I’ve used it before to get my iPad on my TV and it worked fine

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