Logitech Joystick Problems

Good morning IFC, I have a Logitech yoke but I added it to the iPad and it did not work, does it even connect to infinite flight and if yes how?

that’s some photos of it. I play On iPad

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You mean joystick?

Oh sorry , yes joystick

Hi, have the same joystick as you. Have you used liveflight connect and enabled it in the general settings in the app?

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Sorry but how do I use it

Here’s the plan:

  • Install liveflight connect on you PC
  • Connect your joystick to your PC
  • Enable infinite flight connect API in general settings in IF
  • Assign axis/buttons to in-game controls in controls tab in IF settings

Keep in mind that your PC and IF device should be on the same wi-fi network.

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It does not connect on iPad?

It should if you do all the things above

@Omar_Osman are you using Live Flight Connect?

I download it on pc and then play on I pad

Do all the steps above and you should be fine

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Thanks dude

Note Live Flight Connect is no longer supported so it may or may not work. Use at your own risk @Omar_Osman :)

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Also make sure you click “Use networked joystick” that is what connects it

How can I add it to the pc and then use it on iPad so I add the joystick to the pc or to the ipad. Because live flight connect is not on iPad and the game is on my ipad.

Live flight connect app connects to your infinite flight via API. In short local network.
Have both ypur pc and ipad connected to same wifi. Amd live flight connect will automatically connect to infi ite flight.
Enable connect to api in general settings of infinite flight.
And you should be able to see network controller.
Connect Joystick to your pc and use it in infinite flight via live flight app.
That joystic doesn’t connect to ios or android. It only has windows driver. So you need live flight connect

So it will be connected to pc and works on ipad

Correct, live flight will be downloaded onto your PC, you plug your joystick and live flight will recognize the joystick. Then live flight will automatically connect to your IPad. In settings you head to controls where you will press USE NETWORKED JOYSTICK then go into the other tab of the control settings and set buttons to do like flaps and stuff

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