Logitech Joystic Reconnecting issue

Good Day Pilots!👨‍✈️

I just got my Logitech Joystick Recently, and i tried connecting it to IF, in order to connect it, you have to connect it via otg(I am using a Samsung phone). You have to connect it in main menu/before you start flying, and once I’ve activate it, it does works normally.

While flying for hours, my battery got low so i have to charge my phone, so i have to disconnect the OTG and replace it with a charger… after changing the phone and when i tried to reconnect the joystick via OTG, The joystick dosent even work anymore, ive tried using the all axes, pressing all the buttons. Still dosent work…

I hope someone can help me with this issue. Thank you in advance☺ and safe skies!

Hi, I would recommend checking out this:

It should help you connect your device.

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