Logitech G Saitek Throttle Quadrant Compatible?

Is it possible to bind each throttle hand differently on IF?

I’ve tried but I can’t figure it out I don’t think it is possible.

Yes but the way I did it was through the Logitech software. Whatever software it comes with has a remapping feature.

Can you show me the steps or pictures? You can pm me or post it here.

I honestly don’t remember how to do it. I set it up about 2 years ago then uninstalled everything and put it in the attic because it wasn’t all that practical for IF, considering the size. I’m sure there’s remapping steps somewhere online though, and there’s third party controller remapping software you can use, if you can’t figure it out with Logitech’s.

I don’t think it is. I use the Saitek systems and last I recall a phone/tablet can’t take the cable that is on the quadrant.

It should be, dont see a reason why not. I use a yoke, which has a throttle quadrant next to the yoke.

its http://www.chproducts.com/Flight-Sim-Yoke-v13-d-705.html. It works, but note that the throttle can only be assigned to one lever, and the flaps / speed brake levers wont connect to IF via connect, because it doesn’t assign flaps / speedbrakes

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