Logitech extreme 3d pro

Hi all,
Just completed my first flight using the Logitech yoke today.
The take-off and landing are smoother after adjusting to the right sensitively; however, I am having trouble making turns while on the ground: the left turn simply won’t budge even with the maximum input, and the right turn is quite aggressive.


Are you turning it left as you would in the air? Because it has a yaw configuration where it stays level you just move it left to right. I know I’m confusing

exactly!!! it does exactly that on the ground.
What are the solutions?

I think I know what you are talking about. Go to settings and turn off aerolon couple on ground I think it’s called and you should be good.

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What does that do?

Its called Auto-coordination and allows you to steer the plane with the ailerons on the ground IF you have it enabled. If you turn it off, when you make aileron movements the plane will not turn. (this is on the ground only)