Logitech EXTREME 3D Pro with LiveFlight setup

Hello I am new here to the LiveFlight world and really need help. I bought a new Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick and setup it’s PROFILER which is downloadable… In the profiler it shows the joystick is properly installed. But when I open up Live flight, It doesn’t recognise the joystick… anyone who has a extreme 3D pro and uses LiveFlight for connecting can help me please??

Check to see that the computer and the device running IF are on the same network.

You can also search for “extreme 3d” to get some posts on the issue.

I also found that restarting the liveflightapp application on the computer will allow it to connect. Did you download the liveflight app?

You can also try unchecking and rechecking the “Infinite Flight Connect” option in the settings menu.

I have done all the options possible sir! Nothing yet :’(

Using iOS… Connected via same wifi and have properly connected my joystick

The Profiler app isn’t necessary as it won’t have any impact on how LiveFlight connects to the joystick.

Have you assigned the correct axes in the Controls page? See this:

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Yes! Please it would be awesome if I can call someone here.

Yes it has worked thanks for help!!

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Ok! I have yes thanks alot and sorry for the confustion

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