Logitech Extreme 3D pro throttle not working

Hello everyone,
I seem to have a little problem with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick’s throttle.
So if you know, that joystick has a little flip switch thing, which is meant for the throttle, but it can’t be recognized as one of the axes when I calibrate it. Does anyone have the same issue? If so, have you solved it?
Thanks for any help guys, I appreciate it.

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Hey there. I have the same joystick as you. Have you tried removing the device completely from Infinite Flight (as in reset controls)? If so, are the other axes working (the joystick itself, etc.)? Lastly, is your device and the joystick connected to the same WiFi network? Is the connection stable?

Can u send please a screenshot of your settings?

Yes! everything is working, the joystick is connected to IF, and I use it to fly, and all the other axes work well. However, when I move the flip up and down, it cannot be recognized as an Axis. I will try to restart everything.

Weird. I would start with resetting controls and then re-pair with IF and LiveFlight.

Here is a screenshot. As you see, the throttle is unassigned because it can’t be detected.

Have you restarted your device?

Yes, I’m doing it now :)

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Nope, I’ve restarted my phone, connected my Joystick again into my Imac, but still, the throttle cannot be recognized…

I honestly have no clue what would be wrong if everything has been restarted. I tried looking on the forum for problems similar to yours, but came up with nothing. I haven’t had this issue happen to me before.

Oh, well thanks for the help anyways mate, cheers.

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@schyllberg, why did you move it to #thirdparty, when this is a problem?

It’s not an infinite flight problem.

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Then? My joystick is barely a month old!

Because it’s not an issue directly with Infinite Flight, as you are using 3rd party software in between your joystick and the app :)

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Oh! My bad, alright, thanks mate!

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I suggest that you check to see if the throttle is loose or not. You never know, but it’s the only thing I can think of at the moment.

Nope, as I said, It’s brand new, and everything seems to be sturdy… Maybe I should contact Logitech themselves if I don’t find a solution?

I’m going to assume you’ve already restarted the app. Yes?

Have you tried using liveflight connect as an option?