Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick Not Working

When I use my Logitech Extreme 3D joystick with Infinite flight the simulator recognizes that I have a connected joystick, and the control surfaces work, but as soon as I try to quickly move one of the axes to the max it will either not move the control surfaces at all or they will get stuck halfway. This problem is worse with the throttle, because if I don’t move the throttle roller very slowly, my throttle will get stuck and the speed won’t change at all. Is this a joystick or an Infinite Flight problem? Thanks.

Is your joystick new and in good working order? If not, the condition of the joystick can impact its functionality and performance. Also, what device are you using for IF?

I just got it about a month ago and I am flying on iPhone XR

What happens if you reset pitch, roll, yaw and throttle to start from scratch? Also, what are your sensitivity and null settings?

I reset all axes, the problem is still there. Null zone is zero and sensitivity is default currently.

Okay, how are you connecting your joystick to the device? Can you try reconnecting your cables and try resetting the source of the connection.

iOS 13 allows you to connect USB accessories directly to your device. Is this what you are doing? If so, it will not work. Are you connecting through LiveFlight Connect? Doing so will work.

Yes, I have LiveFlight on my Mac.

I have a joystick connected to a Mac running LiveFlight Connect, which has another unrelated problem of it randomly crashing, but the issue with the controls is still going on

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