Logitech Extereme 3D Pro not connected Xiaomi RedmiNote5

help me, my logitech extreme not connected to my xiaomi redmi note 5 pro, i use OTG Cable and no detect on Infinite Flight. please help me about this.

in my usbotg detector, my logitech has detected, but not working and no detected in infinite flight

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Have you set the controls for the joystick in settings by going to the tab in the bottom left hand corner in settings and setting it from there? If you have,then maybe try restarting your device or start using LiveFlight.
For more information about LiveFlight visit:
Joysticks on iOS/Android over the network | LiveFlight Connect

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okay i will try again, thanks bro

@VincentiusKevin - did you resolve this? I also have a Xiami and IF doesn’t detect the Logitech joystick.

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Mi Max 2 mobile. Same problem, same steps as you did, still nothing happens in IF with the Extreme3D Pro! I installed a diagnostics app called USBHost HDI Read and my joystick movement CAME ALIVE AND WELL in the diagnostic monitor with the slightest touch, it’s so sensitive! So that probably rules out the “your OTG don’t have enough power output” argument. Hoping someone in IF Dev could solve this problem… my joystick is just 3 days old and already picking up dust :(

Or, has anyone tried those dual cable “Y OTG” that help powers whatever joystick you er, stick, into android? Any successful trials please please share with us here!

Just to let you know, I plugged in my friend’s Logitech Attack 3, a cheaper older model… and it worked flawlessly in IF! So what on earth could be the problem? I bought the Extreme3D Pro instead because of that joystick how-to support pic that Laura made (and because it has twist rudder action).

Any solution or infos would be greatly appreciated, cheers mate!

Edit: Thank you so much for advice given by SimpleWaffles! But I would like to add, please with cheese on top no more sugestions to use live flight connect, I’m not being nasty I’m just begging you lol, we all know that it works, but we’re talking about android portable solution here and the problems that comes up with it. The reason I’m saying this ahead of time in case anybody else would like to chip in is because in other postings that’s the loop de loop advice often given for our very same problem (and links to that joystick support page, again!). Also, I don’t want to carry a PC in my bag pack :D

Too bad with the Extreme3D Pro, those things aren’t exactly cheap for some of us, hope a solution will come soon. Peace y’all and happy flying!

I think the developers know that Logitech only works with some Android devices, and not others. Like you, another type of joystick was recognised, but not Logitech. Not sure if you also have Xiaomi phone (assume you do?), but I hope this issue it can be fixed soon as well!

Hi, yeah, Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with powerful OTG capabilities. Oh it got detected alright, by a HID analyzer app from Google Playstore, I could even see my joystick movements and the Extreme 3D is so sensitive, but sadly, when I swipe back to IF there’s nothing, even tried restarting. IF did, however, detected an older Logitech model.

So just now someone says to upgrade firmware at Logitech website (it’s an *.exe file) and it will be fixed, will be posting back here for results! (Just need to find a PC cause I’m on a Mac).


Me again :)

There’s some potentially bad news and good news, potentially bad news first…

  1. Updated to latest firmware on PC to no avail, IF Android still won’t recognize it.

  2. Just got replied by support@logitech.com:

“…We apologize for any inconvenience. We would like to inform you that the Extreme 3D Pro is not compatible with Mac and Android devices. It is only compatible with Windows OS. The version of the software for Windows is Logitech Gaming Software version 5.10. Other version will not detect the device. Thank you.”

I say potentially, because I know that it’s not true. The bad news is that my efforts to get the vendor to help out is fruitless, it’s an easy answer and they don’t care.

Now the good news:

  1. Joystick device is working good, successfully landed at WADD during crosswind in Flight Gear, ON A MAC. Just plug and play!

  2. For Android device, check this guy out:

It seems that the solution is just an OTG brand away. My friend’s Logitech Attack 3 (without twist rudder capability, but fits well in my small backpack) could connect to IF on my Xiaomi on a $3 generic OTG connector while my own Extreme 3D Pro won’t.

I’m still one month away from buying a good OTG hub similar to the one in the above link, will let y’all know the results soon!

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