Logistics with VARIG! MD-11F (SBGL->SCEL->SBGL)

Flight Information


Galeão -> Auturo Merino then back -> Galeão

Aircraft in use


Time ⏰

More or less ~8 Hours in total



Flight I did back Sunday when IFATC was in Latin America…

Just so ya’ll know… VARIG LOG is a subsidiary company of VARIG (Brazil’s first national airline) it dealt with cargo transport domestically and internationally, it used to have the name of simply “VARIG CARGO” though it was then renamed to include “LOG” (Logistics)… The company operated with 727s, 737s 757s, DC-10s, & finally MD-11s, It ceased operations in 2012.
Hope you enjoy, It’s a beautiful aircraft for delivering cargo!😉

Cargo apron at Rio w/ a GOL 738 in the background.

If you look closely (like really close) you can see the famous Santos Dumont airport!

Moon shot…

This is the City of Curitiba in the state of Paraná which is in between the state of São Paulo & Santa Catarina.

Approximating Santiago w/ the Andes in the background. (Funny story… I went somewhere on a car ride though I didn’t get back in time so I was waaayyy off course, had to turn back)

We all posed in a pic together. 😉

Departed out of Santiago, got another one.

Ah yes, This is the “Serra Gaúcha” region in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. You can see some major cities in this hilly terrain like Caxias do Sul, Farroupilha, Bento Gonçalves, Carlos Barbosa, Garibaldi, & Veranópolis. Fun Fact- This is the state where VARIG originated.

An Avianca holding short & me soon buttering 🧈🧈🧈
I actually was over MLW so I had to do flaps 50 and go nice and slow

Thanks For Viewing!

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This MD-11 is perfect

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Yeah, I definitely agree… She is great with pics.


I love number 8, great work :)

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That moonshot is so clean, love it!

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Great pics!

Put it in English also, not everyone knows how to speak Portuguese!

Lol, People can learn ;)

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Yeah. If I wasn’t I would be like: What’s that?