Logins from the United States?

Should I be worried? Or is this just the Infinite Flight mods and admins?

Never been to the U.S with this computer.

Should I change my password?

It wouldn’t have been mods/admins - are you using a VPN by any chance?


No, I never have. Changing password now.

Could be just displaying the wrong location. Mine does not show my correct location but they are my devices. I know this because I logged in on my iPad and it shows active, even though it’s the wrong location.

Edit: or do you only use 1 device when accessing the community?

I use 3 devices, none with VPNs. I use an iPad, iPhone 6 and a Lenovo Yoga. I have logged out all devices in that list now though.

If you have the devices with you, try logging on the other devices, then refresh the page and see if it shows active or active 1 min ago.


But these devices are showing as Linux computers? And there is separate reports for my iPad and iPhone. But i will do. The suspicous ones are from Linux in Singapore as well as Cupertino.

Oh and my iPhone popped up. Nothing wrong there.

It could be displaying incorrectly. Just see if it displays active when you log on with your other devices. If not then yeah it’s suspicious.

It does display active from my devices but not from the overseas one. Changed my password and logged out all devices. Should be all good now. Thanks for your help mate

Rightio, no worries mate!

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Are you using Google logins or facebook etc? Tbh if you Don’t know it was you for certain I would change the password for the effected accounts to be on the safe side.

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I have. Thanks

It could be Google or Facebook just performing a securityy check or something. (I just thowing out ideas)

This happened to me to were it says my phone is in Los Angeles. It’s most likely that it’s made in the US

Or it could also be a dinosaur from 14 million years ago trying to communicate. Not

There is no need to speculate on what happened without any evidence. In addition, Google and Facebook don’t login into your account to “test” anything. :)

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I never said that it was a fact.

Sometimes. It can show a random location. If I log into my email on another device it says something completely different to my location. Don’t worry about it! :-)


Best not to say anything if you aren’t really sure what is going on. Being a good example isn’t always throwing out ideas. :)

@QantasAviator, my devices aren’t showing my correct location either. Although it’s close to where I am. (Same state)

If it’s from your same state (or country), it’s totally fine. Your connection is routed through that location, your ISP’s servers are located there.

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It’s been from Singapore and the United States. I live in Australia. That’s why I was worried. The problem has been solved now.