Loging In with Mobile on IFC doesnt work

Hi, I try to log in into IFC with my mobile but nothing happens. I type in my EMAIL or USER name (neither work) and my password. afterwards i get directed to https://community.infiniteflight.com/latest but i am still not logged in. I can tap on the button “log in” again, but the same will happen again. So i get no notification about having put in a false user name or password. maybe someone can help. ( on the laptop i can log in and out perfectly fine)

i am now logged in on my laptop, so not on my Samsung mobile. but i cant log in on the mobile device. this is my problem.

Are you using the discourse app or just the mobile browser?

Are you using the email/password field or are you using authentication like google?

I am using the mobile browser and i am using the email, password field.

Clear your browser cache/cookies
Reboot your device
Try again.

I am logged in now, so ty. wasnt the solution u gave me that helped me, but finally it worked.

All that matters is that you are in now. Thanks!

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