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Hey I was just doing a normal flight in klax and I a saw login so I went there and there was a google account so I put my google account and said no account asscociated to this profile was not found in the system I need help with this and it keeps showing the same thing when I’m logging in every time if you got time to do it that will be great.

Do you have a subscription or no? Because if not i believe that’s what happens until you buy a subscription, and if you do have a subscription, there’s something in the Support FAQ:)

Hey, i just need some more info, what device were you using?

You can log in with or without a subscription through your credentials.

Maybe the google account is wrong, do you have any other accounts you can try?

Hey,I don’t have a subscription in infinite flight

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Hey, I don’t have any google accounts but I can create one if it works

Hey,I’m using a IPhone XR

I’m guessing your logging into the wrong apple ID? Since you’re using apple, I think you need to enter your Apple ID to log in so you don’t need to create one.

Hey,I know that I’m using Apple but when I’m logging in it only says Facebook or google

That’s your problem. You must have an subscription to login. (Not the community)

This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight. An account is created when you purchase a PRO subscription and can’t be created before that. You then have the option to link your account to either a Facebook or Google profile. You are most likely trying to sign in with either of them before having purchased a subscription and have it linked with your Facebook or Google.

I would check the Support FAQ linked below. Next time check it if you have a problem. 🙂

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Any update on this?

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