Login problems

Guys I recently bought a new subscription on my android phone, and tried to log it into my original device but it says

. Still the subscription is active on the other device. Don’t know what to do can anyone help.


Did you buy the subscription on the exact same email account as the account on your original device?

did you log out of your android device?

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Yes, I logged out from my android device but it still shows this.

No it was a different one.

One question, what type of device do you have is your cell phone, and what type of device is the one you show in the image !?

So one thing I would recommend is that you double check the email on the account that you purchased the subscription on. If you have a separate account with another email, then that separate account is not linked to the original one that you purchased the subscription on. If this is the case, I recommend you log out on the device your having troubles with, and double check the email you have purchased the subscription on. I think I get receipts to the registered email I use, so that’s one possible way of checking. Just make sure you are using the right account on the device giving you issues.
Of course, if this isn’t a solution, please come right back and I’m sure someone more experienced and knowledgeable will be more than happy to help!

Best of luck!

Erik Popescu

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I use infinite flight on iOS, and the image was of my android device.

Thanks man.

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Same issue with me and I’m very sure it’s the right account, what do I do?! 😕

I’m not exactly educated about this situation because this has never happened to me before. Although I would like to ask if you’ve tried to log in with your infinite flight community account yet? Also I would like to ask if your infinite flight community account is linked to an active subscription in infinite flight?

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