Login problem

I am having a problem logging into my infinite flight account. It’s been quite a while since I logged in and my account is associated with an email that I no longer have. if you can help me I have lots of information on my account thank you

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Unfortunately, if you no longer have access to the email you originally signed up with, you’ll have to create a new account.

Hey Enzo!

I have seen the support beast @schyllberg help a few people out with this before. Infinite Flight doesn’t send e-mails to you so if you have the login and password to the e-mail that will do the trick. If you have neither the username nor the password for that e-mail, try one of the following:

A) Make a new account on IF (Your sub will not be there if you have one)

B) Contact @schyllberg or support.infiniteflight.com to help you resolve this issue!

Have a wonderful day!

But I already buy a subscription

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Which version of the app are you currently using?

For the 20.1 no problem
But for the 20.2 there is this problem.
I remember my nickname/callsign/password

So? What can I do? I give all information about my account ?

Post a topic in #open-beta, as clearly instructed on what to do when it comes to Beta issues.