Login Problem

Hi everyone
Someone with login problems. It says my account doesn’t exist. already played with account for many years.

Do you have a subscription active?

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no not that yet

Try just restarting the app then go from there. It glitches some times!


Try a few things.

.Try to delete and re install the app
.Check to see if it needs to update
.Try to log out and re login to your IF account!

Hopefully those helped

Hey there, check out the steps outlined in Infinite Flight’s subscription support section on their website. It should be able to solve your log-in issues. If everything in the link fails to help, shoot them a message at support@infiniteflight.com.

Be sure to provide:

  • Display Name and Callsign of account you wish to change credentials on
  • Complete purchase receipt of subscription

Hello everyone.
uninstalled and reinstalled the same problem. to buy the subscription I must to have the Login active or not

below the prints can see the message
Many Thanks

Have you emailed support@infiniteflight.com?

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Just now my friend.
Thank you

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No problem.

Have they replied to you yet?

I have, but have not received anything back.
Keeping this on email :)

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