Login problem

Says downloading nav database and fails. Any idea?

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I recommend closing out the app and opening it back up.

If that doesn’t work, restart your device.

In my opinion, try to restarting the cellular network or wifi. Or by restart your device then open infinite flight again. In addition, if you still have not succeeded, try to delete the Infinite Flight application then reinstall it. Hope this problem will be resolved quickly

If the Problem still occurs uninstall the app and reinstall the app again and see if it works.

Yea something strange. It refuses to download airplanes or the nav data when on wifi. Only when im on 4g does it work. I logged into my meraki dashboard, no packet loss on my access points, they did not go down nothing. I guess ill have to reinstall and see.

Chances are it is an issue with your network. It could be firewall or security related. We will be unable to support you with your router configuration.

Does it do the same thing on a different WIFI?
Does it do the same thing on cellular?

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