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Now currently having some login issue to my phone/account. It’s Samsung galaxy S7 Edge with android 7.0. As my subscription expired and i was logout automatically, I tried to login again but facing issue to pass through authentication screen! Of which i have attached screenshot as well. I just want to know if this is a bug in app and others are facing same issue or is this only me?
Waiting for the help.

Do you use Facebook or Google to login?

I use Google but even with facebook i didn’t have any luck

OK, can you attach a screenshot (note- you have to wait for the ‘uploading’ to disappear or it dosen’t work)

I tried many times but i can’t upload screenshot

Press this-

button and find your picture. Then wait for the ‘Uploading’ to disappear and you’ll get a long string of text, which appears as an image in the preview (right)

I tried but no luck with that… i always redirected to tje thread after uploading but without any image i tried to attach.

Hmmm… Can you try uploading an image to a site such as [Imgur] (www.imgur.com) and pasting the link here- you don’t need an account

Can u please give me your fb id so that i can send you pics. Or you can message me at pawan.neupane1989 on fb and i will get back with you

Isn’t that a bit private?


Yep but i desperately wants this issue to be fixed at any cost

I don’t have facebook sorry

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