Login not working

Device: iPad
Operating system: iOS 16

Hello everyone. I have a IF pro subscription on another device, a phone, and I am trying to login on my ipad so I can play on it as well. I have logged in on my IFC account and when I try to connect it in-game, it just says “error code 1, this account has not been used by the app before”. Any fixes?


Hi, refer to the post below for instructions on how to solve this.


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Hi, I tried that. I clicked “connect” and it authorized and everything went through fine on my first device. Then when I tried to connect on my Ipad, it still says error one even though I have connected this account to the IFC from the IF app on my phone. What should I do next? Thanks for the help :)

hi, try connecting your community account on your iPad. That should fix it.

If you have access to the account with the subscription on your phone, you need to connect it from there. As it looks right now, you haven’t connected anything? :)

After that you’ll be able to sign in from your iPad.

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