Login issues

When trying to login into my own IFC acc it shows its already logged in whereas idh any other acc where IF is installed/logged in


Hey, @Pishi_Rocket the same error was happening to me in the last few days.

What I did to fix this is log out of the Infinite flight community (app or Website) and try to login again into Infinite flight account. Since the IFC account should be linked to the IF account. But it might not work for everyone!


For error code 1 you can try this.

For error code 5 you can try this.


how exactly you do the unlink? Does it mean to logout? Nd if i go to my gmail how will i reconnect it?

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Step 1. Go to the Infinite Flight community, either the DiscourseHub app or the website on the browser. And log out of your IFC account. By clicking on your profile, then clicking on the “Log out” arrow at the very bottom of the list.

Step 2: From the Infinite Flight home screen, Click on your “profile name”, after that, click on “Switch account”. Then go to “sign in with Infinite Flight”, A permission request should pop on, press “continue”.
An Infinite Flight white screen should come out with “Authorize Application Access”, so you click on “Authorize”.

And you should be signed in by then!

I have done that several times it still shows error code 5

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@Pishi_Rocket Have you checked the information that VibrantPixel mentioned above? there is some useful information about login issues that should help in your case.

This code means that you’re trying to connect your app account to a Community profile that is already connected to another account.

Have you had a subscription before?

yes, i did have a subscription in January which got cancelled on the first of February!

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Then we’re talking two different accounts here.
What’s the callsign of the account you currently have the subscription on?

Sir, i got my acc back, however i didn’t recive my subscription on that acc… now what do i do pls tell, one of my frnds told me to restrt the app, it still didn’t work


No, the most likely issue here is that you were not signed in when purchasing the subscription. This leads to the app creating a new account for you.

We’ve merged the accounts now though. So as long as you make sure to restart the app, you’re good to go :)

Soo the subscription have been transferred to the acc? Aka the pishi rocket?

Yes it has :)

So if i buy subscription next month one more time it will end up here only right?

Yes, as long as you make sure that you’re signed in :)

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