Login Issue

Hey guys, I deleted Infinite Flight and reinstalled it to get an update and when I went to login in this happened. Can anyone help? image

Are you sure you are logging in on the correct account?

This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight. An account is created when you purchase a PRO subscription and can’t be created before that. You then have the option to link your account to either a Facebook or Google profile. You are most likely trying to sign in with either of them before having purchased a subscription and have it linked with your Facebook or Google.

Yes I have.

However I have bought the subscription and have over 1000 hours of flight time

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You might need to PM Schyllberg or email support@infiniteflight.com

Ok thanks!

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If you’re getting that message, you’re not logging in with the correct account.

Drop me a PM with your callsign and display name name and we’ll take it from there for privacy reasons :)


Thanks I sent you a pm :)