Login Issue

As a member here since 2016 I am very aware of what the atypical troubleshooting steps are going to consist of in reply so let’s spare ourselves at least that redundant process. At present when I go to log into Infinite Flight I go of course and select I already have an account I request to login from Google and I will input my information it will go through the process and then of course it goes to Google search page anyways I realize that there is a tool tip that says if custom tabs does not close you may close it at this time when I am logged in and have allowed the application access I will course close out the custom tab and then when I go back I get a login canceled prompt from the application itself now you all will probably tell me it’s an application issue or it’s a software issue with my device or reinstall the application and I can tell you that I have reinstalled I am on the cusp of perhaps doing another factory reset and then other than that I don’t know I’ve have never experienced this.

My subscription is current up until the 1st I’m not banned obviously so while also I will add I realize that this whole topic hear my Approach may seem like I’m being a bit off putting to whoever might reply I do apologize I’m just trying to save myself time and frustration and I don’t want redundancy

I get this sometimes as well. I have not found a fix for this. I will keep watching this thread and hopefully a kid can help the both of us.

Well since 2016 this is actually the first time and I have actually played this on multiple devices all Android of course because you know Screw Apple but that’s another topic LOL

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The issue has me dumbfounded because I’ve literally done the process I did last night several times on again multiple devices I’ve done installation of Infinite Flight same way multiple times hundreds of times probably at this point but this is an issue I have never had nor experienced

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We’re aware of this minor annoyance and should have a fix for it in the next update.

In the mean time - restarting the device have solved it for some, while some have had to download Google Chrome from Play Store, set it as default browser and try again. Try restart first. If it doesn’t help, try the Chrome procedure.

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Well I can say the issue is now resolved as I actually did another factory data reset I had other things are acting kind of ehhh as well so it is possible that it was my device I would actually in this case be particularly a sassured saying that it was so thank you for the response and addressing the issue