Login issue

The Facebook authenticate issue is here again. I can’t login like a month. I reinstalled IF, Facebook, I logged out from Facebook, but that’s not worked. I don’t know what to do. Please help

I’m constantly logging in on Facebook for IF. What is your device, and OS. What does it display when you try to login?

I have S7 edge, Android 7.0. When I try with Facebook, white screen, and the authenticate text. When I try Google, Black screen

I use s7 edge, and Android 7.0. With Facebook white screen, and Authenticatw text.

Try deleting the IF app and installing it again, then log out of your Facebook account and log back in. Try that!
Also, do you have global installed?
Do you have Global pro live? If you don’t, then you won’t be able to fly global if you had the old 1-month subscription!

I installed Global, but I want to buy live subscription, but I cant, bc I CANT LOGIN TO ONLINE. I reinstalled If, logged out of Facebook, reinstalled Facebook, but not working🙂

I believe I am having this same issue with online… My app login on iPad for IF works fine, but get the never ending circle on the website when I try to login with FB. Tried the above plus logging in on my iOS and Windows desktops…

I reviewed a number of posts and there doesn’t seem to be a direct fix posted for FB never ending circle on the website.

Have you been able to resolve this?

There are several posts about it. The website login have been disabled.