Login issue on iOS

I don’t know if this is normal but every time I come back onto live I have to sign in, I know this isn’t a really big deal but I would like to know why I don’t stay logged in, thanks!

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May we know more informations such as

  • Which one do you use for your login? (Facebook/Google)
  • May we know which Infinite Flight version do you use?
  • May we know which iOS phone do you use (iPhone/iPad), Which version?
  • Is your device jailbroken?
  • As another user has reported a similar issue about log-in and his device is jailbroken

To add to what George has said, make sure you are not in “private browsing” mode on iOS and something like an incognito window on Android.


__Google login
Latest version (I don’t know it)
iPad 4 mini
I’m not jailbroken

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Mine has been doing this as well. Maybe a coincidence?

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