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For the whole day, so far, I have been unable to login to infinite-flight.com using my Google account (I am based in the UK). I have tried the following browsers: Firefox, IE explorer and Google Chrome. I realise that there have been similar posts regarding this issue but there appears to be no resolution so far. The login box just shows a continuously circling icon inside the Google button but nothing else happens. I have not tried using Facebook to login because I only want to use my Google account.
I have done all the usual things suggested in the previous posts, ie, restart, clear cache/history, etc but to no avail.
My intention was to purchase Live+ but the lack of replies to the other posts suggesting acknowledgement of the problem and its resolution does not instill any confidence in this service. I don’t feel confidant spending money on this product at the moment.
This is a dissapointment and is not very beneficial to the developers of infinite flight. Many potential customers could be turned away by this issue. I will continue to monitor the login problem at infinite-flight.com and will review my options to buy when I can be confidant of the reliability of the service.

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Yeah I also heard other people seeing never-ending circle, if you are going to buy live from there I think its going to take a long time.

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