Login Issue - Error Code 04

Probably some small server error.

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What??you are ok??you think I do not have anything else to do?you are very funny!

What are you trying to say?

for your post above

Having the same issue here

I can’t access either

This is the second time this week its happened to me

I’m IOS and you?

Same problwm here

Error code 4 is usually just a device and network general connection failure. Restarting the device and network devices like modem and router is almost always all that’s needed.

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How can they all happen at the same time ? Even mine did it!

We all lve in different countries and have the same problem

It would be an interesting answer. @DIsraelFDS do you know why ?

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Thank you!

Duplicate topic by the way ;)

Isn’t every support post a duplicate of another?😂

Cant understand you Carson

Maybe you need to check my grammar lessons in the bugs category then.

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Bumping this back up. It’s happening to me right now on both of my devices.

Did you check the solution?

I have an iPhone 6 so would I reset all settings or is there a certain one to do?

Just restart your device and see if that fixes it, if it doesn’t reset your modem and router.

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