Login Issue - Error Code 04

any help??

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I’m having the same problem.

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From when?

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Maybe it’s only on IOS

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About a minute ago. I was doing the TT event and my plane flipped out and crashed so I restarted. It started from then.

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I can’t get on Live either. I get the exact same error message

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Servers down? Won’t even let me log in.

I’m completely unable to log in

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Can you log in?

No I cannot. It won’t let me log in. The error message shows up

No i cant…still the same message…

I’ve never had this problem, so I don’t know what to do.

Your not able to log in either?

I think that post of his was just because he wanted to post…

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Mine is working now. I’m back on

I was able to, but no Internet connection

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Mine works:)

Now work!!!

Seems like the issue was resolved somehow

Fixed for me!